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(Bioanalytical Chemistry 4th Year)

Fourth-year student Diana Csercse is the first-ever Illinois Institute of Technology student to enroll in the new Bachelor of Science in Bioanalytical Chemistry program, which is the first program of...

(CHEM, CHE, M.S. CHEM 4th Year)

In the lab of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jean-Luc Ayitou, undergraduate researcher Will Blodgett has been working to utilize water as a solvent, a practice that, if widely adopted within...

CHEM ’20

Abigail Schulz conducted research on polymer synthesis in Professor of Chemistry Braja Mandal's lab to improve cathode materials for lithium sulfur batteries, as well as develop solid-state...


(CHEM ’10)

After graduating from Illinois Tech, Emily Mick (CHEM ’10) worked at Abbott/AbbVie supporting the manufacturing of parenteral products on the market. Mick then received a Pharm.D. from UIC in 2016...