What’s Next

Are you ready to make it official? Here are the next steps to confirm your enrollment and begin your journey as a Scarlet Hawk!

Confirm Your Admission: Submit Your Deposit

Please submit your deposit of $300 to confirm your enrollment to Illinois Tech. Once you submit your deposit, you can:

  • Apply for housing
  • Register for SOAR: New Student Orientation
  • Receive your academic adviser assignment to build your course schedule

There's still time to confirm your enrollment! Be sure to complete this step in order to receive access to housing, SOAR, academic advising, and more.

Submit your deposit

Enrollment Checklist

Once you confirm your enrollment by submitting your deposit, you may complete the next steps:

Access your myIIT Portal and Hawk Email Account

Step 1: Access your myIIT Portal and Hawk Email Account

Be sure to log in and check your Illinois Tech portal and Hawk email account daily. This is the primary way that the campus community—from your professors to university departments to fellow students—will communicate with you.

Submit Your Room and Board Contract

Step 2: Submit Your Room and Board Contract

Living on campus? When you’re ready to sign up for a residence hall, submit your room and board contract at myroom.iit.edu.

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Sign up for Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) 800x650

Step 3: Sign up SOAR: New Student Orientation

Join us for SOAR, our dynamic new student orientation, where you'll learn how to navigate campus and meet your new classmates!

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Advising, Academic Assessments, and Course Credits 800x650

Step 4: Advising, Placement, and Course Registration

Once you confirm your enrollment, you should also begin working on your academic placement assessments. Getting a head start on completing your placement tests will help you prepare for course registration and advising in June.

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Title IX site 800x650

Step 5: Access Your Student Bill

Once you register for your courses, you can print bills, make online payments, enroll in a payment plan, set up direct deposit for tuition refunds, and more online. If you received scholarships, grants, or loans from the university, you must accept your financial aid offer in your my IIT portal.

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Submit Proof of Immunization and Health Insurance Waiver

Step 6: Submit Proof of Immunization and Health Insurance Waiver

Read about our Student Health and Wellness Center, and learn more about our immunization and health insurance requirements.

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Campus Life MTCC Late Niite

Step 7: See You on Campus!

We look forward to seeing you during Welcome Week on August 16-21. At Welcome Week, you'll develop connections between your classmates and returning Illinois Tech students.

For those living on campus, international student move-in is on August 14 and move-in for all new students starts at 9 a.m. on August 16.

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