Access Our Online System
Once you register for your courses, you can print bills, make online payments, enroll in a payment plan, set up direct deposit for tuition refunds, and more online. Please visit for more information about billing, payments, and loans.

Viewing Your Account
We encourage you to periodically review your account by logging into the myIIT portal and clicking on the Manage My Account icon (located in the grid) and make outstanding payments promptly.

You will not receive paper copies of bills. Instead, bills will be posted to your online account. You will receive an email notification when your bills are ready to view online. Registered authorized users will receive email notifications as well.

Tuition Payments
Out-of-pocket tuition payments (total account charges less anticipated Financial Aid) are due by the end of the add/drop period. If you register late your payment will be due on the date of registration.

We accept the following forms of payment for tuition:
•    ACH (electronic check) or credit card online
•    Personal check
•    Money order
•    Cashier’s check
•    Demand draft (Payable to Illinois Institute of Technology)
•    Wire transfer (Instructions online at
•    Mastercard, American Express, or Discover (2.85% transaction fee applies) online

Mail payments payable to Illinois Institute of Technology:
Illinois Institute of Technology
Illinois Tech Student Accounting
7539 Solution Center
Chicago, IL 60677

Financial Responsibility
By registering for courses at Illinois Tech, you are accepting financial responsibility for all charges assessed to your student account. If payment is not received by the published due date, you will be charged a 2% late payment fee. Please contact our office right away if you have questions about your bill.

Contact Information
You can update your mailing address and contact information on the myIIT portal.

Payment Plans
You may enroll your balance for the semester in the payment plan on the myIIT portal. You have the flexibility to enroll as much or as little of your total out-of-pocket cost as you’d like. Any portion of your bill not enrolled in this plan will be due in full by the published due date for that semester.

Tuition Refunds
You must enroll in direct deposit to receive your student refund. Refunds from financial aid credits are processed throughout the semester. We will email you whenever we process a refund for you, provided you are enrolled in direct deposit. There is no fee for receiving your refund via direct deposit. To ensure confidentiality of all bank information, we ask that you enroll yourself in direct deposit online.

Title IV Fund Holds
Did you know that unless we receive authorization from you, health insurance fees, parking charges, and other items on your bill cannot be automatically paid with your federal loan money? This means that you could receive a financial aid refund and still owe Illinois Tech money. Account balances will prevent registration for the next term. We recommend that you authorize us to use your Title IV Federal Financial Aid funds to pay additional fees that you might incur while attending Illinois Tech. You can submit a Title IV Authorization through the myIIT portal.

Parents and Guardians— Become an Authorized User
Parents who wish to view their students’ account information and make online payments on their behalf must be added as authorized users.

How to Pay Your Tuition
Click here to learn how to pay your tuition.