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When it comes to your future, the math is simple: one major of your interest + another area of your interest = an education that is tailor made for career success. 

Simply put, when it comes to your education, plus is more—and more is better.

At Illinois Tech, opportunities to marry multiple interests in industry-aligned areas through our Tech+ program help prepare students to succeed in an ever-changing, technology-driven society. 

The tech-driven, multidisciplinary Tech+ program allows you to combine two majors into one to create a single, four-year undergraduate degree that integrates relevant, tech-focused coursework with a human-centered education to create meaningful pathways into careers.

Are you interested in computer science, but also want to explore its impact on human behavior? Or perhaps you want to take engineering and architecture courses to learn the science and theory of building a skyscraper, but your real passion is in environmental advocacy? The Tech+ program allows you to do this, all while preparing you for a twenty-first century career. 

Tech+ Opportunities

Here is a sampling of Tech+ programs, all of which will be available beginning in fall 2023: 

  • B.S. Business and Engineering
  • B.S. Business and Psychology
  • B.S. Business and Information Technology and Management
  • B.S. Economics and Business Analytics
  • B.S. Economics and Cybersecurity 
  • B.S. Economics and Public Policy