Dual-Enrollment School Partnerships

Illinois Tech is excited to launch its Elevate College Prep dual-enrollment tracks for fall 2023. High school students can choose to enroll in all courses offered in each track over the course of four semesters, or they can pick and choose to enroll in just a few!

We’re seeking to partner with high schools around the state of Illinois and across the United States to create a pathway for students to explore their interests while earning college credit! All courses are transferable to Illinois Tech and may be transferable to other post-secondary institutions.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact precollege@iit.edu to schedule a call to learn more.

Dual-Enrollment Tracks

In-Person Tracks (Available Only In Person)

Track One: Mathematics

  • Summer: MATH 148: Pre-Calculus (four)
  • Fall: MATH 148: Pre-Calculus (four)
  • Spring: MATH 151: Calculus I (five)
  • Fall: MATH 152: Calculus II (five)

Track Two: Biology

  • Fall: BIOL 105: Introduction to Biology (three)
  • Spring: BIOL 114: Introduction to Human Biology for Non-Major (three)
  • Fall: BIOL 214: Genetics (three)
  • Spring: BIOL 104: Linux and Perl Programming (three)

Hybrid Tracks

Track Three: Computer Science

  • Fall: CSS 115: Object-Oriented Programming I (two)
  • Spring: CSS 116: Object-Oriented Programming II (three)
  • Spring: CSS 331: Data Structures and Algorithms (three)

Track Four: Business

  • Fall: BUS 100: Intro to Business (three)
  • Spring: BUS 102: Computing for Business (three)
  • Fall: BUS 211: Financial Statements (three)
  • Spring: BUS 212: Accounting (three)
  • Spring: BUS 351: Financial Models (three)

Track Five: Economics

  • Fall: ECON 151: Microeconomics (three)
  • Spring: ECON 152: Macroeconomics (three)
  • Fall: ECON 423: Capital Investments (three)
  • Spring: BUS 382: Business Economics (three)

Online-Only Track

Track Six: Information Technology

Upon completion of three or more courses, students will receive a cybersecurity certificate of completion credential

  • Fall: ITM 301: Introduction to Contemporary Operating Systems and Hardware I (three)
  • Fall: ITM 313: Introduction to Open Source Application Development (three)
  • Spring: ITMO 340: Introduction to Data Networks and the Internet (three)
  • Fall: ITMD 361: Fundamentals of Web Development (three)
  • Spring: ITMO 356: Introduction to Open Source Operating Systems (three)


How Do You Enroll?

  • Illinois Tech’s partner high school selects students or a specific course that aligns to school course(s) to participate in dual-enrollment course(s)
  • Illinois Tech’s partner school provides a school partner liaison that corresponds with Illinois Tech’s dual-enrollment coordinator
  • The student speaks with a counselor or high school administrator to determine if the Illinois Tech partnership is available at your high school
  • Students must be at least a sophomore in high school
  • Students must complete an Illinois Tech dual-enrollment application online
  • ​​​Students must submit a signed parental permission form
  • Students must submit a copy of their high school ID card
  • Students must attend virtual or in-person dual-enrollment orientation
  • To receive college credit, students must pass courses with a grade of “C” or better. Depending on the high school, the student will earn high school graduation credit, but not college credit, with a grade of “D”
  • Access to Illinois Tech faculty and industry experts
  • Access to Illinois Tech Career Services (career exploration)
  • Access to Illinois Tech admission counselors and support (college advising)
  • Supplemental instruction/tutoring provided by Illinois Tech’s Academic Resource Center (academic support)
  • Orientation provided prior to the start of all dual-enrollment courses
  • Weekly progress monitoring from Illinois Tech with wraparound support as necessary

Dual-enrollment students will receive the following from their high school and Illinois Tech:

  • Illinois Tech student ID number
  • Illinois Tech Hawk student email account
  • Illinois Tech ID card (for in-person students)
  • Access to Illinois Tech student resources such as:
    • Advising
    • Academic tutoring
    • Career counseling