Dual-Enrollment Courses

Are you a high school student who wants to get a head start on your future and are interested in challenging yourself with college-level coursework? Elevate College Prep’s dual-enrollment courses offer you the opportunity to kick-start your college-prep work, as well as be exposed to the multitude of degree options that are available at Illinois Tech, Chicago’s only comprehensive technology-focused university. 

Students can take these courses, led by Illinois Tech faculty, online or in person.

All for-credit courses for high school students are offered at a flat rate of $300. Some courses require students to purchase textbooks, and book fees can range from $50–$100 per course.

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Bring Dual-Enrollment Courses to Your School

Interested in partnering with Illinois Tech to offer dual-enrollment college courses to students at your high school? Beginning in fall 2023, Illinois Tech will offer dual-enrollment tracks in business, economics, information technology, and computer science to high school students across Illinois and the United States.

These hybrid courses will be hosted online, and they blend asynchronous learning with live courses taught by Illinois Tech faculty.

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Dual-Enrollment Tracks

Students are expected to participate in courses according to the Illinois Tech Academic Calendar. Please be aware that Illinois Tech’s schedule may not align with your high school academic break(s). Accommodations for breaks are at the discretion of individual faculty and may be denied. Additionally, students are expected to handle the high rigor of these courses and be comfortable individually advocating for their academic needs throughout the course. Students can expect to be held to the same standards as college-aged students.

Technology Requirements

Course participation will require a laptop or desktop computer, a strong internet connection, and the ability to download and install software. Chromebooks are not suitable for our courses.


In order to enroll in a dual-enrollment course, students must first submit an application to ensure that they are eligible to register for the course. Admission to these courses requires students to demonstrate high academic performance in rigorous high school classwork AND/OR meet any stated prerequisites.