Dual Enrollment Courses

Are you a high school student interested in challenging yourself with college-level coursework? Taking one of our courses can help you get a head start on college and expose you to the many degree options Illinois Tech offers.

Students will take these courses online or in-person, with Illinois Tech teachers, and Illinois Tech teaching assistants available to assist you. Illinois Tech is Chicago’s only tech-focused university, with a long history of graduating rigorously prepared scientists and engineers. Hundreds of high school students have successfully completed our courses.  

All for-credit courses for high school students are provided at a flat rate of $300. Additionally, some courses require students to purchase textbooks. Book fees can range from $50–$100 per course. Chicago Public Schools students are eligible to attend the CS 331 course on a full scholarship. Please view eligibility and recommended coursework under each course description.

Fall Course Deadlines and Policies

Applications are due by July 1 for the fall 2021 term. All applications will be reviewed within 1-2 weeks of the deadline. Fall term runs from August 23 - December 10, 2021. Admitted students will be sent payment links upon admission and will be required to submit payment no later than August 1, 2021. The last date to drop the course with a full refund is September 4th. After this date, students may withdraw from the course but will not receive a tuition refund. 

Students are expected to participate in courses per the Illinois Tech academic calendar. Please be aware that this may not align with your current high school academic break. Accommodations for breaks are at the discretion of individual faculty and may be denied. Additionally, students are expected to handle high rigor and be comfortable individually advocating for their academic needs throughout the course. Students can expect to be held to the same standards as college-aged students. 

Course participation will require a laptop or desktop computer, a strong internet connection, and the ability to download and install software.


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Online Classes Offered to High School Students

Semester Course Day Times Professor Prerequisites Credits Cost
Fall 2021 BIOL 105 Introduction to Biology T/TH

3:35 - 4:50 pm CST

(In-person Mies Campus)

Dr. Thomas Irving Completion of high school Biology and high performance in AP/IB/Honors coursework 3 $300
Fall 2021 PSYC 303 Introduction to Psychopathology M/W 3:35 - 4:50 pm CST (Online Synchronous/Hybrid) Dr. Alissa Haedt-Matt High performance in AP/IB/Honors coursework 3 $300
Fall 2021 CS 115 Object-Oriented Programming I w/Lab W

5:10 - 6:50 pm CST

Lab 7:00 - 7:50 pm

(In-person Mies Campus)

Prof. Carol Davis Completion of high school Algebra II and high performance in AP/IB/Honors coursework 2 $300
Fall 2021 ITMD 361 Fundamentals of Web Development N/A N/A (Online Asynchronous) Dr. Karl Stolley Completion of high school Algebra II and high performance in AP/IB/Honors coursework 3 $300
Fall 2021 ITM 313 Introduction to Open Source App Development TH 6:45 - 9:35 pm CST (Online Synchronous) Dr. Sheikh Shamsuddin Completion of high school Algebra II and  high performance in AP/IB/Honors coursework 3 $300



Course Descriptions

This course, designed for non-majors, considers basic concepts and selected topics in biology beginning at the molecular level and ending with the biosphere. Topics include the following: the chemistry and structure of cells in plants and animals; how cells obtain and use energy; basic genetics and the role of biotechnology in agriculture and medicine; evolution, natural selection, and species formation; the origin and diversity of microbial, plant, and animal life; ecology, organisms, and their environments; and the impact of human population growth and human activity on the systems and resources of our planet.

This course will cover the creation of Web pages and sites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and graphical applications as well as the client and server architecture of the Internet and related web technologies. The creation and deployment of modern, standards-compliant web pages are addressed. Students create and deploy a Web site with multiple pages and cross-linked structures.

You Will Learn

  • Recognize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript markup and code. 
  • Select the proper mark-up tags or code to achieve a particular result. 
  • Identify improperly used markup and code. 
  • Produce modern standards compliant web pages. 
  • Deploy web pages to a GitHub server. 
  • Effectively comment on and format source code for maximum readability. 
  • Track the development of a project over time and collaborate with others using version control. 
  • Write valid, well-formed semantic HTML; error-free, backward- and forward-compatible CSS; and error-free, progressively enhanced JavaScript over HTML pages that continue to function in the absence of JavaScript. 



Introduces basic concepts of systems programming using a modern open source language. Students learn to apply basic programming concepts toward solving problems, writing pseudocode, working with and effectively using basic data types, abstract data types, control structures, code modularization and arrays. They will learn to detect errors, work with variables and loops, and discover how functions, methods, and operators work with different data types. Students will be introduced to the object paradigm including classes, inheritance , and polymorphism.

Overview of various cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disorders, focusing on diagnostic criteria, causal factors, and treatment, and emphasizing scientific, research-oriented perspectives.

Introduces the use of a high-level object-oriented programming language as a problem-solving tool, including basic data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming techniques, and software documentation. Designed for students who have had little or no prior experience with computer programming