Health and Wellness



Throughout Illinois Tech faculty and students are exploring how we can be more healthy as individuals and a society. This research encompass chronic conditions, disease, the environment, food safety, medical devices, medical imaging, mental health, nutrition, and sports.

Featured Health and Wellness Research

Larson—Marijuana 350x260

Electroencephalogram (EEG) and marijuana research began in 1969, when a paper proposed that marijuana influences the electrical activity of the brain. Four years later a study was published that proved that claim. 

Podcast 350x260

What can we do to ensure that our behavior at the start of a new year—and for most of the rest of the year—is aligned with our best physical and psychological health interests?


Orgel—Head Injuries 350x260

It takes a surprisingly small amount of force to induce changes in the protective myelin sheath surrounding brain cells that could lead to an injury.


Chasson-VR 350x260

Psychology Associate Professor Gregory Chasson re-creates the home environment via virtual reality to help people who struggle with hoarding disorder.