Health and Wellness



Throughout Illinois Tech, faculty and students are exploring how we can be healthier as individuals and as a society. This research encompass chronic conditions, disease, the environment, food safety, medical devices, medical imaging, mental health, nutrition, and sports.

Featured Health and Wellness Research

Indoor Air Quality Researcher Brent Stephens

Faculty member Brent Stephens, recognized indoor air quality expert, and his colleagues knew from their computational model that long-range transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus played a significant role in its spread on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in winter 2020.    

Safer Cardiac and Renal Imaging

Two longtime Armour College imaging experts have received an NIH grant to further advance their use of artificial intelligence to reduce the amount of radiation that patients are exposed to when undergoing cardiac and renal medical imaging.

CROWNase Inhalant Diagram

CROWNase, an inhalation therapy developed at Illinois Tech, shows promising results in removing the protective spiky glycoprotein that envelops SARS-CoV-2 virus particles. 

Evaluating an Air Cleaner

In a study published in the journal Building and Environment, Armour College faculty members Brent Stephens and Mohammad Heidarinejad report that a bipolar ionizer air cleaner does a poor job removing pollutants and may also release harmful byproducts.