Health and Wellness



Throughout Illinois Tech faculty and students are exploring how we can be more healthy as individuals and a society. This research encompass chronic conditions, disease, the environment, food safety, medical devices, medical imaging, mental health, nutrition, and sports.

Featured Health and Wellness Research

Tomoko ID 350x260

Institute of Design faculty member Tomoko Ichikawa has developed a Caregiver Decision Support Tool in response to the special needs of African-American caregivers and Alzheimer's patients. 


Peer Navigators 350x260

Psychology researchers Patrick Corrigan and Lindsay Sheehan propose using peer navigators to help improve diet and lifestyle outcomes for African Americans with severe mental illness. 

Strawberries 350x260

Food and nutrition researcher Britt Burton-Freeman says that regular consumption of the red fruit may contribute to "reduced colonic inflammation, reduced gut permeability, metabolic influences, and a healthier gut microbial community." 

Better Prostheses Through 3D Printing

A student team working with Studio Associate Professor Alphonso Peluso used architecture principles and 3D printing to come up with a lighter, less expensive, and, ultimately, more comfortable prosthesis than the standard.