Computation and Data

This initiative includes computational research from quantum scale to commercial manufacturing scale, and permeates all disciplines. The power of high-performance computing combined with the enormous value of available data provides both an opportunity and challenge to produce new and trustworthy insight. Multiple disciplines must come together to assure that both questions and answers are correct.

Featured Computation and Data Research

Heng Wang

The capabilities of electronic devices have grown exponentially in recent decades, but the hardware making this possible is starting to reach the limits for how small and how fast it can get. Illinois Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Heng Wang has received a National Science Foundation award to investigate a potential solution that could blow progress wide open again with spintronics.


ORAU award graphic

Assistant Professor Ren Wang received a Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award for his research using insights from the human adaptive immune system to make artificial intelligence systems more resilient.

Solomon Kang

Associate Professor of Finance Sang Baum Kang at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business is co-author of a paper published in The Journal of Alternative Investments that provides new empirical evidence about bitcoin returns to guide investment professionals, economists, and academic researchers.


Illinois Tech is a member of a group of universities, wireless industry leaders, and governmental bodies that has been named an inaugural Tech Hubs Strategy Development Consortium by the United States Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration.


Canyu Chen

Research into limiting artificial intelligence bias against certain demographic groups has allowed Canyu Chen (Ph.D. CS 3rd Year) to collaborate with industry experts and publish in a research journal.