Computation and Data

This initiative includes computational research from quantum scale to commercial manufacturing scale, and permeates all disciplines. The power of high-performance computing combined with the enormous value of available data provides both an opportunity and challenge to produce new and trustworthy insight. Multiple disciplines must come together to assure that both questions and answers are correct.

Featured Computation and Data Research

Older Adult Brain Atlas

A collaborative Illinois Tech/Rush University team is building MIITRA, a first-of-its-kind atlas that aims to help in the identification and diagnosis of disease.


Chair X-H Sun

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science Xian-He Sun, who has taught students and conducted research into parallel and high-end computing, big data processing, and software systems for more than three decades, was named Illinois Tech's Ron Hochsprung Endowed Chair in Computer Science.


Sonia Petrovic, SoReMo Initiative

Four students have been selected as inaugural fellows in the SoReMo Initiative, which computation and data science faculty have established to help effect positive societal change.   

Kai Shu, Fake News

With his computational model dFEND, Kai Shu, Gladwin Development Chair Assistant Professor of Computer Science, is expanding his award-winning research that flags fake news stories populating social media sites. 


Three members of the computer science faculty have received a National Science Foundation grant to build architecture that will reduce the energy and time needed to process big data sets.