Computation and Data

This initiative includes computational research from quantum scale to commercial manufacturing scale, and permeates all disciplines. The power of high-performance computing combined with the enormous value of available data provides both an opportunity and challenge to produce new and trustworthy insight. Multiple disciplines must come together to assure that both questions and answers are correct.

Featured Computation and Data Research

FABRIC Nikolich 350x260

The computer networking architectures that form the basis for today’s internet were developed from the 1960s through the 1980s, and haven’t changed much since. FABRIC will test new network designs that could overcome current internet traffic bottlenecks and extend the internet’s broad benefits for science and society.

Pombert—DNA Sequencing 350x260

“If we have a better understanding of what makes [pathogens] dangerous, we can start devising strategies to fight back or, even better, try to start developing prophylactic techniques to prevent diseases from occurring in the first place.”