Computation and Data

This initiative includes computational research from quantum scale to commercial manufacturing scale, and permeates all disciplines. The power of high-performance computing combined with the enormous value of available data provides both an opportunity and challenge to produce new and trustworthy insight. Multiple disciplines must come together to assure that both questions and answers are correct.

Featured Computation and Data Research


Applied mathematics professors Jinqiao “Jeffery” Duan and Romit Maulik are helping to develop stable surrogate models that will be able to make long-term predictions that could benefit research areas ranging from weather to climate forecasting.



Illinois Tech has joined the United States Cyber Command’s (USCYBERCOM) newly formed Academic Engagement Network as a charter member, which will open avenues to the latest research and cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies.


Upending traditional methods, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics Lulu Kang and her collaborators have designed a fair-diverse allocation optimization framework that focuses on getting limited resources, such as COVID-19 vaccines, to the most vulnerable subgroups.

Space weather 350x260

Seebany Datta-Barua, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, studies Earth’s space weather environment and the ways that it impacts our technological systems. 


Calvin Nobles 350x260

Calvin Nobles, chair of the Department of Information Technology and Management, has been awarded a non-resident fellowship with the Cyber Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s Kennedy School.

Older Adult Brain Atlas

A collaborative Illinois Tech/Rush University team is building MIITRA, a first-of-its-kind atlas that aims to help in the identification and diagnosis of disease.