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Illinois Tech provides a distinctively rich environment where students can conduct research. Students come to our university to learn from world-renowned faculty who are pursuing cutting-edge work in important tech-driven fields. At Illinois Tech they find a supportive community where research is valued as a vital part of the academic experience.

The result: our students are thriving in the field, the lab, and in the community, applying the outcomes of their research to improve the world around them. 

Student Research at Illinois Tech


Monika Sziron (Ph.D. THUM Candidate) created a survey that she distributed to farmers across the Midwest that aims to learn how they use artificial intelligence in the field, with the hope that these insights can help create more ethical, practical, and human-centric AI agriculture devices.


Andreas Vassilakos (ITM/M.A.S. CYF ’21) and Jose Luis Castanon Remy (M.A.S. ITM 2nd Year) have published research examining whether extremists can be identified through their anonymous online posts.


A new publication from clinical psychology second-year doctoral student Hannah VanLandingham and Assistant Professor of Psychology Rachael Ellison offers an updated review on the impact of stereotype threat on cognition, with a specific focus on Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and consideration of our current socio-political climate. 

Future Education Center in Kenya

Architecture student Hyungdoo Youn researched and designed an educational center within five days and was named the winner of the 120 HOURS international competition.


Andy De Fonesca

Andy de Fonesca (AE 3rd Year), founder of the Chicago branch of The Planetary Society, has received a Brooke Owens Fellowship, giving her the opportunity to spend this summer as an intern at Stratolaunch, an aerospace company credited for building the world’s largest airplane.


Ursula Hersh

Ursula Hersh (CECD, M.P.A. 3rd Year) began the campus group Female Empowerment Movement to focus on female concerns regarding sex education, body issues, relationships with oneself and others, the campus environment, and sexism.   

A research student builds a solar fuel cell at Armour

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Illinois Tech students can take part in a broad range of research projects at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  

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