Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Staff Return to Campus Guidelines

Supervisors should consider bringing back non-essential staff based on the following criteria, while keeping in mind that the university will continue to prioritize making sure that critical and essential staff are able to work on campus consistent with public health guidelines:

  • First, no department should have more than 25 percent of their staff in the office at any one time.
  • Second, supervisors should carefully consider, and prioritize where appropriate, voluntary requests to return to campus as they plan for their on-campus staffing levels. However, it is important that supervisors bear in mind city guidelines to “limit the number of employees returning to work.” In order to be equitable, supervisors may consider that all staff members return to campus in some meaningful degree on a monthly basis, unless individual employees have been approved for an Americans with Disabilities Act-related reasonable accommodation. In making plans, supervisors should continue to prioritize accommodating essential and critical employees while also keeping in mind general city guidance to limit the number of employees on campus. It is up to supervisors to create and manage this schedule.
  • Third, we do require that supervisors discuss with Hilary Hudson Hosek in the Office of Human Resources any plans to allow any staff member (who does not have an ADA-related reasonable accommodation) to work remotely full time for more than 30 days in order to ensure we are being consistent and equitable with these decisions.

As staff return to campus, it is important to note that we will be within public health limits. If the state and city adjust these restrictions, so will the university. These restrictions are expected to remain in effect until we achieve Phase 5 for the State of Illinois (and the corresponding phase for the City of Chicago). We fully anticipate everyone being back on campus for their regular schedules once we are in Phase 5.