Study Away Group in Osaka Japan

Study Away

Illinois Tech offers study away on six continents (all except Antarctica). If you’re interested in seeing the world and exploring your major in another country, Illinois Tech’s study away opportunities will take you there.

Study away is a life-changing experience. Cultural differences go deeper than language, food, clothing, and art. They shape the way we view the world. Students who study away often see their own world in a different light—and find themselves re-examining previously held opinions about other countries and ways of life when they return home.

Study away experience can make you stand out in a competitive job market. Potential employers may see you as highly motivated, inquisitive, and as a global citizen willing to try new things.

Study away is available to students of every major. Most programs require a GPA of 2.0 cumulative or higher to qualify. You should also be in good academic and disciplinary standing and have completed at least one semester at Illinois Tech at the time of completing your study away application.

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“My experience in Japan was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. I was always looking forward to this experience, since I have a vested interest in Japanese culture, such as their literature, food, and customs. My experience working on an IPRO in Japan that was relevant to a situation Japan was facing was incredibly fulfilling. Everything about the trip—from the group excursions to various historical sites and trying out different foods, to the lectures and presentations—was immensely rewarding, both as a student of Illinois Tech as well as a visitor from the United States. I really hope I can go back soon!”

—Gerard Jumanan (Global Studies ’19)