Architecture (Minor)

This minor offers a fundamental education in architecture that is valuable to students seeking degrees in fields that regularly intersect with the built environment, such as business, engineering, and social science.

Architecture isn’t just for architects—the built environment shapes all of our lives every day, from our furniture to our homes, from places where we work and play to entire cities. The Minor in Architecture introduces students seeking degrees in other fields to issues of the built environment and gives them an understanding of the ideas and forces that give physical shape to our lives.

Specifically, the Minor in Architecture covers the basic elements of architectural education, including theory, history, communication practices, and design. Students often find this enhances their potential for professional development, especially if they are majoring in an area that intersects with the architectural profession. The minor is also appropriate for students with an interest in architecture who are not yet certain about their professional path.

Program Overview

The Minor in Architecture covers the basics, including orientation to architecture theory, history, communication practices, and architectonic design elements. It’s ideal for majors in fields intersecting with architecture, or those interested in architecture but unsure of their professional path.

A minor consists of at least five courses (minimum of 15 credit hours) not required for a degree program. Students who take the standard core curriculum's distribution of courses may apply them toward the requirements of any approved minor.

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Students of this program must be admitted to Illinois Institute of Technology. Students who are interested in transferring to this program should consult their academic adviser.