Architecture Portfolio Guidelines

If you have completed significant coursework in architecture or other visual courses, you must submit a transfer credit portfolio to determine the appropriate studio placement for you at IIT. 

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UGAA) will review transcripts from your previous school(s) to identify which art and architecture courses will require a portfolio review. You will receive an email notification from UGAA directing you to Degree Works (in your myIIT portal page) to see the courses that are eligible for transfer credit and which courses will require a portfolio review.

After you receive notification from UGAA that ALL your transfer credits are posted in Degree Works, email your portfolio for review to Cynthia Torres:  

Your portfolios must include work from all relevant art and architecture courses, including recently completed courses. Portfolio reviews will NOT be completed until you have submitted your deposit and ALL official transcripts have been submitted to IIT and we receive notification from UGAA that they’ve posted your transfer credit in Degree Works.  The College reserves the right to postpone portfolio reviews if the university has not received all required, up-to-date transcripts.

Portfolio Guidelines


In your portfolio submission, we are looking for evidence of your curiosity, originality, problem-solving skills and desire to make and build. The quality of the portfolio’s composition is as important as the quality of any single project. You should carefully curate and assemble your portfolio to tell a compelling story about yourself, your interests, and your motivation to study architecture.

  • The College of Architecture accepts electronic portfolios only; (PDF format; maximum file size: 20 MB)
  • Arrange your portfolio by course and label your work with the course number and course title. 
  • Each course requires a syllabus which includes a course description and a weekly outline of what content was covered, a list of assignments, and textbook used plus other readings required.
  • The evaluation of transfer credit includes the review of content and quality of work. It is possible that two courses equate to one of ours and that a lecture course covers material that is included in one of our studios; these would be combined for credit.  In all cases you must submit course credit that is at least equal to the credit hours of our courses. 
  • Credit is not awarded for work experience.

Studio Courses

  • A compilation of visual work, images, drawings, and photos showing either the entire course content or a sample of work that you produced for at least one-half of the semester. These should be coordinated with the course content in the syllabus.
  • Midterm and final submittals should be included.
  • One or two examples of work is not sufficient.

Specific to a Lecture Course

  • A compilation of assignments showing either the entire course content or a sample of work that you produced for at least one-half of the semester. These should be coordinated with the course content of the syllabus. Graded quizzes, midterm and final submittals or exams should be included.

Current Courses

Please add a listing of any courses that you are currently enrolled in that could be eligible for transfer credits.

Remote Portfolio Review 

College faculty will review portfolios and assign transfer credits to courses that meet the College’s course standards and degree requirements. Email your electronic portfolio to Cynthia Torres:


To ensure students are registered for their Fall classes, the College strongly recommends that all domestic portfolio reviews be completed no later than July 31

Minimum requirements for studio placements

  • For second-year studio placement: at least 12 credit hours of studio, introduction to architecture, some design communications/digital courses and 6 credit hours of mathematics.
  • For third-year studio placement: above requirements plus an additional 12 credit hours of studio, physics, and a statics and strength of material course.
  • Transfer students cannot be placed into fourth-year studio; additional studio credit beyond 24 will be considered for architectural elective credit.

Portfolio Review Results

The results of your portfolio review will be forwarded to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UGAA) so they can update your Degree Works. You will receive an email from the College of Architecture outlining the courses you should register for based on your portfolio review along with your Registration PIN.  Transfer credits will count toward the completion of your IIT degree.


Please contact Cynthia Torres: