Advancement Ambassadors

Who Are We?

We are students, that first care about Illinois Tech and our peers. As Ambassadors to this great school, we bridge the gap between the institution and its alumni and friends. Our outreach focuses on raising alumni participation and increasing Illinois Tech pride. We do our best to educate all supporters of our school, including current students, on the importance that participation has played in making this school rise to the top as the premier tech-focused institution in Chicago.

Get to Know Our Ambassadors

Learn a little more about some of the incredible students serving as Advancement Ambassadors.

Advancement Ambassador - Nayana Keshavamurthy

Graduate Student

Computer Science

“My career goals after Illinois Tech are not only to accomplish all the technical skills to excel in any position, but also to have a good interpersonal relationship with coworkers. Having the ability to lead a project or make judgments based on facts and circumstances can help you go to the next level and become a leader. While classroom instruction will make me an expert in my field, this ambassador role will help me get a head start on understanding the limitations of how to handle disagreement and prioritize. I believe that the impact of this role is as important as the role I  play as a student in my courses.”

Advancement Ambassador - Sumit Sakarkar

Graduate Student

Computer Science

“By becoming a Phonathon caller, I wanted to contribute my part by generating funds for the coming generation students to get the same—or even better—services and facilities that were provided to me. Communication is the key to every problem in the 21st century. With this job, I am building on top of my communication skills.”

Advancement Ambassador - Marrium Nayak

Graduate Student

Information Technology & Management

“The main reason behind being a phonation caller is to help my school raise funds in order to fuel many different pathways to help the current and upcoming generation of students. This job helps me connect with so many people. It makes me believe in the word “hope”. Listening to the stories of our alumni pushes me to work harder so that I become who I want to be!”

Advancement Ambassador - Ixchel Rodriguez

Undergraduate Student

Biology/Psychological Sciences

“I feel that this job will be able to help me in the future by improving my communication skills as well as learning how to connect better with others. This is a vital part of expertise when it comes to the medical field in order to not add onto the barriers and disparities already present.”

Advancement Ambassador - Somanshu Gupta

Graduate Student

Computer Science

“This job will help me with my ability to make connections and develop relationships as a result of my work, which will also assist me in understanding people's feelings in various contexts. When I graduate, I want to become an expert in artificial intelligence so that I can utilize it to solve problems for humanity, especially people who are dealing with depression.”

Advancement Ambassador - Moises Mata

Undergraduate Student

Biomedical Engineering

“This job will help me make connections. I think the people I talk to have a lot of valuable information and experiences that can help me grow as a person and steer me in the right direction.”

Advancement Ambassador - Sakher Yaish

Undergraduate Student

Computer Science

“I chose to become a Phonathon caller to help keep the alumni of Illinois Tech in touch with the university. To add to that, I also enjoy talking with my community members and university alumni and hearing about their journeys here at Illinois Tech.”

Advancement Ambassador - Briar Moore

Undergraduate Student

Civil Engineering

"I love hearing people's stories, using strategy to make decisions, and working with and leading teams. Being an Advancement Ambassador will help me in the future because it improves communication skills and teaches you how to be personable."

Advancement Ambassador - Neil Shah

Graduate Student

Computer Science

"In a few years, I hope to launch my own company where I can actively advance current Computer Science technology to the next level. As part of phonathon, I speak with successful alumni, which allows me to connect with them and learn what they've done to create a better future for themselves."

Advancement Ambassador - Pravalika Dasari


Marketing Analytics

“There are many aspects of Illinois Tech that I appreciate, but my favorite has to be the collaborative and innovative community. The diverse and inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging, and the emphasis on real-world problem-solving and cutting-edge research inspires me to excel academically and professionally. Being a part of the Advancement team provides me with valuable experience in management and teamwork. This job also gives us a chance to interact with alumni, get valuable advice, and implement that toward our goals.”

Advancement Ambassador - Faysal Biobaku



“My favorite thing about Illinois Tech is the community and diversity. I love the human nature of the Advancement Ambassador job, connecting with people and listening to their experiences. This will help me with my people skills and build my empathy.”

Advancement Ambassador - Sweetaleena Samantaray


Business Administration

“This role as an Ambassador in the Office of Advancement offers a unique opportunity for my future growth and development. With a background in business analytics, financial services, and project management, I can apply my skills to enhance fundraising efficiency towards the team. I see myself continuing to grow professionally and personally, while also advancing my skills in business analytics and financial services. I aspire to someday take leadership roles where I can significantly impact enterprises and contribute to their success.”

Advancement Ambassador - Nupur Jadhav


Business Analytics

“Illinois Tech holds a special place in my heart due to its rich blend of innovation, diversity, and a dynamic learning environment. My favorite thing about Illinois Tech is the strong sense of community and collaboration among students and faculty. It's a place where ideas come to life, where we are encouraged to think beyond boundaries, and where I've made lifelong friends who share my passion for intellectual exploration. I firmly believe that pursuing my experience as Advancement Ambassador will serve as a stepping stone to a future filled with abundant opportunities. By doing what I love, I will continually learn and grow, developing a deep expertise that will enable me to tackle challenges effectively and inspire others.”

Advancement Ambassador - Yash Shrivastava


Cyber Forensics

“One of the standout attributes of Illinois Tech is its commitment to offering equal opportunities to all, whether in terms of scholarships or on-campus job opportunities. Phonathon plays a pivotal role in my career development by facilitating interactions with alumni from diverse backgrounds. These conversations provide insights into the latest topics of IT advancements and threats, as well as invaluable professional experiences. Advice from our alumni further guides me on how to excel in my field.

Ways to Give 

There are many ways to give to Illinois Tech and fulfill your pledge.

What Is Our Goal?

The goal of the Advancement Ambassador program is to develop professional and leadership qualities among its members and empower them to change Illinois Tech. The Advancement Ambassador program is a great pre-professional opportunity with a highly selective hiring process. The program brings together students from across all campus disciplines with a singular focus on supporting every campus need.