David J. Mogul

  • Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Engineering


Postdoctoral Fellow, Pharmacology & Physiology, University of Chicago
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, Northwestern University
M.S., Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, Northwestern University
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Cornell University

Research Interests

Professor Mogul's research can be summarized as the study of the electrophysiology and electrical dynamics of the brain. His laboratory has applied a quantitative approach toward understanding neuronal physiology using both conventional and novel experimental techniques at the cellular and systems levels. The specific part of the brain that Professor Mogul's laboratory has been predominantly investigating has been the hippocampus, a small organ in the limbic region that is essential for learning and long-term memory formation and which is a major focal site for the etiology of a number of pathological conditions such as epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease. More specifically, his research group has been engaged in studying a wide variety of related phenomena in this region including membrane biophysics, plasticity of neurotransmission, and nonlinear network characteristics underlying normal and diseased behavior.


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Brain electrophysiology, chaos control of epilepsy, cellular and network behavior

David Mogul

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