Gerald Balekaki

  • Assistant Teaching Professor


  • 2022 Completed PhD in Computer Science, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Research in Computational Radio Astronomy (Modelling scientific databases).
  • 2013 MSc in Data Communication and Software Engineering, Makerere University, Uganda, Research in Communication Networks and Software Engineering.
  • 2007 Bachelor of Statistics, Makerere University, Uganda, Specialized in Statistical

Research Interests

Computational Science, Databases, Computer Networks and Software Engineering.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

ACM Active Member

IEEE Active Member

IITPSA Active Western Cape Chapter Member

ISOC Active South African Chapter

ICT4D Active UCT Chapter Member SKA RFI Active Working Group Member


  • 2012 Gerald N. Balekaki and Idris A. Rai, Impact of High TCP Initial congestion Window Highly Congested Networks, AFRICOMM, YaoundÈ Cameroon.
  • 2019 Gerald N. Balekaki and M. Kuttel, A Scalable Database Model of RFI Data for the MeerKAT Radio Telescope, SAICSIT ’19, Skukuza, South Africa.
  • 2020 Gerald N. Balekaki and M. Kuttel, Performance evaluation of an integrated RFI database at MeerKAT Radio Telescope, SAICSIT ’20, Cape Town, South Africa.