Tanya Bekyarova

  • Associate Chair, Department of Biology
  • Program Director of M.S. and Ph.D. Programs, Department of Biology
  • Teaching Professor of Biology


M.S. in Biology and Chemistry, University of Plovdiv
Ph.D. in Biology, Illinois Institute of Technology

Research Interests

My Ph.D. research work was focused on understanding the structure and function of muscles, with a specific emphasis on indirect flight muscles and cardiac muscle regulation.


Bekyarova, T. I., Baumann, B. A .J., Reedy, M. C., Tregear, R. T., Ward, A., Krzic, U., Prince, K. M., Reconditi, M., Gore, D., Irving, T. C., and Reedy, M. K. “Crossbridges as Passive Brakes: Reverse Actin Sliding Triggers Strong Myosin Binding That Moves Tropomyosin”PNAS 105:10372-10377 (2008).

Colson, B. A., Bekyarova, T. I., Locher, M.R., Fitzsimons, D. P., Irving, T. C., and Moss, R.L. “Protein Kinase A-Mediated Phosphorylation of cMyBP-C Increases Proximity of Myosin Heads to Actin in Resting Myocardium” Circulation Research 103(3):244-51 (2008).

Colson, B. A., Bekyarova, T. I., Fitzsimons, D. P., Irving, T. C., and Moss, R. L. “ Radial displacement of myosin cross-bridges in mouse myocardium due to ablation of myosin binding protein-C” J. Mol. Biol. 367:36–41 (2007).

Squire, J. M., Bekyarova, T. I., Farman, G., Gore, D., Rajkumar, G., Knupp, C., Lucaveche, C., Reedy, M. C., Reedy, M. K., and Irving, T. C. “The myosin filament superlattice in the flight muscles of flies: A-band lattice optimization for stretch-activation?” J. Mol. Biol.361:823-38 (2006).

Dickinson, M., Farman, G., Frye, M., Bekyarova, T. I., Gore, D., Maughan, D., and Irving, T. “Molecular dynamics of cyclically contracting insect flight muscle in vivoNature 433:330-333 (2005).

Professional Activities


Biology, Biophysics

Tanya Benkyarova

Contact Information

312.567.3428 312.567.3494 182D Robert A. Pritzker Science Center