Thomas J. Phillips

  • Research Professor of Physics


  • Thomas J. Phillips, Exotic atoms: Antimatter may matter, Nature, 529 (2016), 294.
  • Thomas J. Phillips, Antimatter: Out of the darkness, Nature Physics, 10 (2014), 473.
  • Daniel M. Kaplan, Derrick Mancini, Thomas J. Phillips, Thomas J. Roberts, Jeffrey Terry, Richard Gustafson, Klaus Kirch "Measuring Antimatter Gravity with Muonium," arXiv:1308.0878 (2013).
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  • T.J. Phillips, Antimatter gravity studies with interferometry, Hyp. Int., 109 (1997), 357.


  • CDF
  • Muonium Antimatter Gravity Experiment (MAGE)
  • muCOOL
  • Antimatter Gravity Experiment (AGE) Spokesperson


Antimatter gravity, experimental particle physics