Graduate English Language Courses

English Language Services offers supplemental Proficiency of English as a Second Language (PESL) courses for international graduate students through its English Language Program. These courses focus on building students’ communications and critical thinking skills in unique interdisciplinary classroom environments. Our courses meet the needs of international students to provide academic support for your graduate courses and the language skills and strategies you need to integrate into the global workforce.

Different requirements will apply based on your individual needs and that of your graduate program. For more information, view the Application Requirements and Checklist for graduate students. We offer designated programs for international graduate students in Stuart School of Business and the Institute of Design

Graduate students who are not required to take courses but wish to improve their English fluency, listening and reading comprehension, or academic writing can also opt into the program, allowing them to choose to take an English course based on their individual needs. 


PESL courses help to increase English proficiency and aid international students in adjusting to life and achieving academic success in the United States. Courses offered each semester provide linguistic support and training in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Qualified and experienced instructors deliver carefully designed lessons to help students learn, think, and express themselves in the English language.

Courses provide resources and training to achieve academic, social, and professional success. PESL courses help students gain:

  • An ability to effectively participate in class discussions
  • A greater understanding of expectations professors have of students
  • An easier adjustment to life in the U.S.
  • An increased ability to make friends
  • Confidence

Course Registration

Prior to arrival at Illinois Tech, international students who are required to take English language courses must register for an English Language Assessment. These are in-person, computer-based exams that will evaluate your English skill level. Based on the results of the assessments, you will be registered for up to two courses per semester until your English requirements have been met. Registration is automatic and will be completed for you by English Language Services and the Office of Registrar. Following your assessment, you can check your schedule on MyIIT daily to find out which courses to attend.

Students who are not required to take courses but would like to opt in should take assessments as well in order to determine their course placement. If you are interested in taking English language courses, please email

For more information on Illinois Tech’s English language proficiency requirements, please review our admission requirements for international graduate students.

English Language Assessment

We offer the following PESL courses:

  • PESL 021 Listening Enhancement I
  • PESL 022 Listening Enhancement II
  • PESL 061 Effective Communication I
  • PESL 062 Effective Communication II
  • PESL 031 Reading and Vocabulary Development I
  • PESL 032 Reading and Vocabulary Development II
  • PESL 041 Academic Writing I
  • PESL 042 Academic Writing II

In addition to English Language Program (PESL) courses, we also offer other programs, courses, and services. To see what English Language Services offers, please visit the university bulletin.

Note that PESL courses start one week later than other courses at Illinois Tech so that students have time to assess, talk to their adviser, and register for courses. We urge students to move through this process as quickly as possible because specific course sections fill up quickly.

As a graduate student, the course fee for each PESL course can be found on Illinois Tech’s Student Accounting Office website. Prices may change without notice as the university determines annual course fees.