2024 MMAE Poster Competition




Rettaliata Engineering Center, South Atrium 10 West 32nd Street Chicago, Illinois 60616

All MMAE undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students are invited to participate in a research poster competition hosted by the Department of Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering on Friday, March 22, 2024, from 12:45–5 p.m. in the south atrium of the Rettaliata Engineering Center.

The MMAE Student Research Poster Competition is a long-standing tradition of the department, drawing keen interest and wide participation among students, faculty, and the Illinois Tech community. Students from all research areas and levels of study within MMAE have an opportunity to showcase their individual research work to their peers and the public and compete for distinction and monetary prizes. The presentations are evaluated using a grading rubric, highlighting originality and relevance of the research, as well as overall presentation skills. The awards are presented in the three major categories: Ph.D.-, master’s-, and undergraduate-level research. The panel of judges is invited to represent both academia and industry, comprised of MMAE Advisory Board members, Illinois Tech professors, and community partners. The event culminates by a technical lecture of the recipient of the MMAE Distinguished Alumni Award of the year. Please join to share your scientific knowledge and compete for a prize, or to cheer for your favorite poster and support your community. Everyone is invited!

Deadlines: Please reach out to Lee Stein at lstein1@iit.edu for the entry form and a document on student tips for the competition. Once completed, electronic entry forms and supervisor’s approvals must be emailed to Evan Yang at mmae@iit.edu by noon on Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Electronic files of posters in PDF format must be submitted to mmae@iit.edu by noon on Monday, March 18, 2024. Posters received by the deadline will be printed by the department.

Rules and Notes:

  • Please find attached tips on how to successfully present your research.
  • Dimensions of posters: 48 inches WIDE x 36 inches TALL.
  • The participants will present their posters to a panel of judges for a five-minute period, which will be followed by an additional one minute of questioning.
  • Posters must reflect research or a project done in the MMAE department and may be from any area of study within MMAE.
  • Posters must reflect research or a project done by one person only; group submissions are not allowed.
  • Last year’s poster competition winners are not eligible to present the same material again, although they may re-enter if they can present significantly different research.
  • The MMAE department will collect the winners' posters at the end of the event for display around campus and promotional events.
  • Printing costs will NOT be reimbursed; however, the MMAE department will print the posters submitted before the deadline (Monday, March 18, 2024). Students will be contacted when their posters are ready for collection. All entrants will be provided with a backing board for posters and easels.

Cash Prizes:

  • Ph.D. entries: $250 first place / $200 second place / $150 third place
  • Master’s degree entries: $250 first place / $200 second place / $150 third place
  • Undergraduate entries: $250 first place / $200 second place / $150 third place

Please reach out to Lee Stein at lstein1@iit.edu to obtain the “Student Tips” document and the entry form, as well as the announcement. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY!


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