Conscious Eating: How to Become Healthy and Blissful in 21 Days




Have you noticed that we spend $3.5 billion on medical bills in the United States every year, and this could be significantly reduced by simply eating consciously? This lecture by Huan Xia will give a brief introduction to a relevant, powerful, and no-cost solution to reducing those costs—conscious eating. We will use personal storytelling and historical evidence-searching from various ancient cultures to support the benefits of conscious eating. We will touch on how to best utilize our human body to enjoy the state of conscious eating, and general techniques to create a conscious meal plan through balancing nutrition, digestibility, and flavors. We hope to inspire students to advance evolution of food as a metaphor—from survival fuel to macro and micronutrients into the conduit for holistic wellbeing linking our body with our mind. We’ll leave students with a tangible, time-bound, and actionable path of conscious eating, a gateway to become healthy and blissful in 21 days.


Huan Xia holds a master's of science and a Ph.D. in food science from Pennsylvania State University. For the past decade, she has served the food industry—including Roquette, Mars, and McCain Foods—in various segments, from pet food to human foods, specializing in food value chain innovation and commercialization from farm to fork. 

In 2020, she founded LusOasis and is dedicating herself to her passions of improving holistic well-being and planet sustainability. Xia resides in Naperville, Illinois, with her husband and two lovely children. You can find out more about her online

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