Creating a Bigger Table: Impactful Philanthropy in the Food Industry




Join the Department of Food Science and Nutrition for this seminar series event featuring two guest speakers: John Shapiro, a partner at Freeborn & Peters LLP and general counsel at Inspiration Corporation; and Andy Dratt, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Imbibe.

Bigger Table helps address hunger in our communities by uniting companies in all areas of the food industry to design, develop, produce, and distribute nutritionally advantaged food and beverage products to those in need. They've created a new way for companies to be philanthropic, leveraging the work they do and the products they make to bring to life new ways of supporting the hungry. They also work with industry to develop and execute workforce development programs, teaching people how to enter the world of food manufacturing successfully. Shapiro and Dratt will discuss the genesis of Bigger Table, why they feel it is a big idea that can make a real difference in our communities, and plans for the future. 




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