ECE Seminar -- 5G Wireless: Architecure and Advances




Siegel Hall Auditorium, Room 118

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Prof. Suresh Borkar

Please join the ECE Department for our research seminar with guest speaker Suresh Borkar, Ph.D. Borkar will be presenting on the topic of "5G - Architecture and Advances."



We are entering an era of intelligent applications and services including smart cities, smart energy, smart transportation, and smart health among others. 5th Generation (5G) Wireless is an advanced access enabler for the associated Internet of Things (IoT) network entailing massive Machine Type Communication (MTC) traffic. This seminar covers the architecture and advances for 5G wireless. 5G is a new paradigm of an integrated and secure network via use of the novel cloud based virtual Radio Network and 5G core and operations in the millimeter wave spectrum. Areas of advances and research are discussed including massive MIMO designs, steerable antennas, complex propagation issues associated with mmWave propagation, multi radio access techniques, and distributed data management based on device, edge, and cloud computing. The architecture and challenges of using 5G for the driverless car application are mentioned.



Suresh Borkar, Ph.D.,  is a senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago since 2006. Chicago since 2006. Previously he was associated with AT&T/Alcatel-Lucent technologies, now Nokia Systems, in senior technical and management roles from 1980 to 2006. He was the Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Tata Telecom JV and Lucent India Inc. He was also the Director for Customer Management for 3G/4G Wireless systems. He has contributed to architecture and advances in designs for Computer, Internet, and Telecom systems. He has published several technical papers in professional journals and has been a reviewer of IEEE and other technical publications. He received his B. Tech. in EE from the India Institute of Technology in Delhi, and both an M.S. and Ph. D. in ECE from Illinois Tech in Chicago.

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