Food Science Seminar: Sandhya Krishnankutty




The “Farm to Fork” process involves several key functions: raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution to name a few. To protect customers and brands those who work in food safety and quality (FSQ) must be diligent in ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigate potential food safety risks. Continuity in supply chain as well as company's reputation for providing great food can be greatly impacted by a food safety incident. Lack of a comprehensive view and understanding of potential risks can lead to food safety failures. This presentation will help you understand how we evaluate suppliers and products while maintaining company integrity.

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Sandhya Krishnankutty is Food Safety and Quality Program Manager at US Foods. She has her bachelor’s degree in Food Science Quality Control and master’s in Food science and Nutrition and has 12 years of experience in Food industry with strong competency in food safety. At US Foods she works with bakery category evaluating the risks of new and existing products and identifying the risks in supply chain.

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