The Geography of Brains in the Sunbelt and Rustbelt




Join the Department of Social Sciences for this Great Problems, Great Minds seminar series event featuring guest speaker Jessie P. H. Poon, a professor of geography at the University of Buffalo (SUNY).

Studies of creative and skilled cities have correlated regional and urban productivity to new skills that are characterized by non-routine work with significant inputs of creativity. American rustbelt cities’ high concentration of less creative blue-collar brawn workers are said to encourage shrinking cities, urban disinvestment and unhappy residents. The narratives suggest that a combination of cold weather, lagging amenities and unhappy residents do not bode well for attracting or retaining the skilled in rustbelt cities. Jessie P. H. Poon will discuss the geography of brains in the cities of the U.S. Rustbelt and Sunbelt. She finds that brain profiles are relatively similar in cities of both regions, and is calling for a rethinking of narratives on the uncool Rustbelt.


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