How Conspiracy Theories, Misinformation, and Politics Can Limit the Impact of Science (And What To Do About It)




Join the Department of Social Sciences for this Great Problems, Great Minds seminar series event featuring guest speaker Toby Bolsen, a professor of political science at Georgia State University.

The transformation of the communication environment in the 21st century poses distinct challenges for misinformation, now a global problem that affects all aspects of life. Misinformation about science is especially concerning because it can undermine support for solutions to global challenges. When science becomes contested in the political sphere, the public’s beliefs often diverge from the scientific consensus, resulting in misperceptions and political polarization. This presentation summarizes research on different types of scientific misinformation and the challenges that scientific misperceptions pose to implementing government policy. Bolsen will define the concept of science misinformation, discuss its causes, review potential antidotes, and highlight areas needing further inquiry.



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