Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Urban Development



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Immigrants in urban areas tend to establish businesses at higher rates than the native-born population, and their entrepreneurial behavior has substantive impacts on the economic, social, cultural, and physical landscape of hosting cities around the world. This presentation will introduce the theories and evidence around various dimensions of immigrant entrepreneurship including economic development, community building, transnational activities, high-technology, and urban policy.


Cathy Yang Liu is the professor and chair of the Department of Public Management and Policy in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. Liu has published widely on topics related to community and economic development, urban labor market and inequality, migration, and entrepreneurship, as well as international urban development. She currently serves as a managing editor for Journal of Urban Affairs and associate editor for Economic Development Quarterly. She received her Ph.D. in planning from the University of Southern California and master of public policy from the University of Chicago. 

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