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Russel Caflisch, director and professor of mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University



Russel Caflisch, director and professor of mathematics of Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, will be this year's featured speaker of the Department of Applied Mathematics’ 13th annual Karl Menger Lecture and Awards

“From Differential Equations to Data Science and Back" addresses the arrival of massive amounts of data from imaging, sensors, computation, and the internet brings significant challenges for data science. New methods for analysis and manipulation of big data have come from many scientific disciplines. The first focus of this presentation is the application of ideas from differential equations, such as variational principles and nonlinear diffusion, to image and data analysis. Examples include denoising, segmentation, and inpainting for images. The second focus is the development of new ideas in information science, such as compressed sensing and machine learning. The subsequent application of these ideas to differential equations and numerical computation is the third focus of this talk. Examples include solutions with compact support and “compressed modes” for differential equations that come from variational principles, and applications of machine learning to differential equations and physics.

The lecture highlights the day's events, which include faculty research overviews, a math trivia bowl, a poster session featuring student research, and an awards ceremony to commend exceptional student scholarship. See the full list of events for the Karl Menger Lecture and Awards.

To RSVP, visit alumni.iit.edu/menger or contact Sonia Rivas at 312.567.5030 or rsvpevents@iit.edu.


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