Lesley-Ann Noel: Design Thinking and Speculative Futures Talk and Panel




3137 South Federal Street Chicago, IL 60616

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Can speculation about the future provide a platform for agency and empowerment of oppressed individuals? In this presentation, Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel, will share how design curriculum can at times be unintentionally exclusive. She will then share several experiments in creating inclusive design curricula that add utopia, speculation and super heroism to design in different contexts. The work is grounded in the principles of critical pedagogy, design thinking and Critical Utopian Action Research, a framework in which people critique where they are, dream about the future they want and figure out how they want to get there. Focus on the future helped the stakeholders to visualize their desired futures and to create action to achieve their goals. The experiences demonstrate how dreaming about the future can create an inclusive design environment that inspires communities of color and be a tool for the liberation of oppressed people.

Following the talk, Christina Harrington (Assistant Professor, DePaul University) will moderate a panel discussion featuring:

Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel - Associate Director for Design Thinking for Social Impact and Professor of Practice, Tulane University

Chris Rudd - Visiting Clinical Professor, IIT Institute of Design (ID)

Jiani Sapathy – Master’s Student, IIT Institute of Design (ID)

Dr. Sheena Erete - Associate Professor, DePaul University

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