Nuclear Energy and Society, Today and Tomorrow




Join the Department of Social Sciences for the first Fall 2021 event in the Great Problems, Great Minds Seminar Series. This event features guest speaker Kathryn Huff, principal deputy assistant secretary and acting assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy.

The energy density of nuclear fuel is unmatched by any other fuel source. Conventional nuclear reactors supply most of Illinois' electricity and over 80 percent of its carbon-free electricity. These devices have an unparalleled record of safety, reliability, and sustainability, and the next generation of reactors incorporate decades of experience, research, and technological advancements that enable walk-away safety, meltdown-proof fuels, and flexible integration with renewables. Huff's talk will share today’s priorities in the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy and demystify transformative new reactors, fuels, and recycling technologies ready to support a clean energy future worldwide. Additionally, Huff will discuss the need and opportunities for cross-disciplinary, social science-related research and collaboration on the key issues facing nuclear energy today. In particular, she will introduce current opportunities for social scientists to contribute to interdisciplinarity through DOE's annual IUP R&D award program.


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