Provost’s Speakers Series: Why Are We Talking About Equity and Race?




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Provost’s Speakers Series

The Office of the Provost is proud to present an upcoming speakers series that we hope will encourage engaging discussion and contribute to concrete, meaningful progress toward our continued efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus.

In keeping with our founding purpose to liberate the collective power of difference to advance technology and progress for all, Illinois Tech is delighted to host two opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage with Tami Farber, a specialist in community organizing and systems change with more than a decade of experience working for the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and other international non-governmental organizations.

Why are we talking about equity and race?

As we continue to see a rise in higher ed institutions and organizations across all sectors expressing the need for speaking about and engaging in Equity Diversity and Inclusion and Racial Equity work many are holding the question “why should I/We”?  

This session will be focused on gaining understanding for the “why” and the opportunity to ask questions you may be holding to deepen one's understanding of the importance and necessity for engaging in conversation and action around equity and racial justice. 

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You can see a video of Tami Farber explaining the context here.

Tami Farber

Leader, Organizer, Educator, Facilitator, Coach, Change Agent and Truth Seeker, Tami Farber has an extensive portfolio and brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of Child and Youth Development and Education, Leadership and Organizational Development, Community Organizing and Systems Change work for the non-profit/non-governmental, public and private sectors globally.

Tami currently serves as a Lead Associate for the Racing to Equity Consulting Group and Hooks Global Consulting Group. Tami is also an Executive Transformational Coach working primarily with White Womxn.
Tami spent over a decade centering her work on international development working for the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and other international non-governmental organizations. She has spent extensive time living and working in numerous countries throughout East & Southern Africa, South Asia, Europe and Central and South America.


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