Simpler Better Fruit preparation for Yogurt Application




At the beginning of this virtual lecture, Jie Sun will provide an overview of General Mills. He will then discuss the roles within the General Mills technical community and potential career paths. 

Sun will then take you on his quest to create the best possible fruit in each cup of yogurt. Adding fruit to yogurt is a balancing act between food safety and food quality. He will walk through the juggling act to reach our end goal. Then, we will zoom in on a brief overview of the current industrial application of some thermal and non-thermal pasteurization technologies in this area, along with some personal reflections on the practical challenges and future opportunities of these novel technologies.  


Jie Sun, a catalyst in the heart and a problem solver by training, is currently a principal scientist at General Mills. His primary focuses are to discover new technology solutions and to facilitate the cross-pollination of new ideas within the company.

Sun holds both bachelor's and master of engineering degrees in agricultural products processing and storage from the College of Food Science and Technology at Huazhong Agricultural University and a Ph.D. in food chemistry from the Department of Food Science at Cornell University.

Sun has had the unique privilege to enjoy a wild ride into many aspects of food science wonderland through his 14-year journey at General Mills, with research topics ranging from apoptosis pathway discovery to machine automation, from new product launches to crop variety selections using predictive modeling, and from value stream mapping to production line startups.

Currently, he holds 30-plus patents and publications with more than 3,000 citations. Outside work, Sun enjoys spending time with family, volunteering, cooking, and many outdoor sports.

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