Stuart Investments Semester Kickoff Meeting

All Illinois Tech students interested in investment and portfolio management are welcome to attend this meeting and to join the Stuart Investments organization.




Room 403, Conviser Law Center, 565 West Adams Street

The Stuart Investments (SI) organization will hold its spring semester kickoff meeting on Wednesday, January 25, from 4:30–5:30 p.m. at the Conviser Law Center. SI is a student run organization that manages over $1.2 million in stocks (live money) encompassing 10 industry sectors. Students who join SI will be exposed to portfolio management and will prepare and present team buy or sell stock presentations to the member audience. During this meeting, an overview of Stuart Investments will be provided along with some of the activities that are planned.

Undergraduate and graduate students of Illinois Tech are welcome to attend this meeting and to join SI. It is strongly encouraged that you attend this in-person meeting as Clinical Associate Professor Rybak, the faculty adviser for SI, will be there to answer questions. For students unable to attend the in-person meeting, a virtual meeting will also be set up. Contact SI Executive Director Soe Moe Hein for more information. 

Getting to Campus