Tech Talk at Illinois Tech: "The Time is Ripe for Disaggregated Systems" Presented by Sergey Blagodurov (Research Scientist at AMD)




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Speaker - Sergey Blagodurov, research scientist at AMD

Title -  "The Time is Ripe for Disaggregated Systems"


 Disaggregation has recently emerged as a potent solution to tackle the challenge of growing resource consumption of the datacenter infrastructure. According to the disaggregated datacenter vision, compute units (CPUs, GPUs, accelerators) are decoupled from the memory hierarchy, with all components connected by the datacenter fabric. To stem the rise of the infrastructure costs, disaggregation emphasizes just-in-time resource allocation and re-purposing. When a workload demands resources, easily accessible, hot-swappable compute or memory components are removed where they are underutilized and are added where they are needed the most on-the-fly, without deploying additional servers and adding excessive capacity. This is unlike in traditional (i.e., aggregated) datacenters, where adding compute capacity requires the addition of entire new servers with expensive memory and network, which leads to underutilization of resources and increases costs for additional space, power, and management overhead. The goal of this talk is to draw attention to the emerging field of disaggregated systems, introduce the standardization efforts that industry is pursuing, and outline topics for future research in this key area.



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