Cost of Attendance Adjustments



The cost of attendance (COA) estimates the expenses for an academic year. It is broken down into multiple components for planning purposes. The maximum aid - institutional, federal, state, and any other aid the university can offer - that can disburse to a student’s account is up to the COA in a given academic year. 

Depending on individual expenses, a student may need to increase their overall COA to allow for aid adjustments, like a loan increase, to cover personal costs. Students wishing to review their overall costs and potential to change their cost of attendance are encouraged to meet with the Office of Financial Aid. A staff member will guide you through your options regarding cost increases and available aid. 

Specifically, students may need to plan for the purchase of a computer to support their academic activities. To pursue this type of adjustment, please review the guidelines below: 

  • If the academic program requires a computer purchase, the student must confirm the college/program (website, syllabus, etc.) along with the computer specifications and associated costs or direct proof of purchase of the given machine. 
  • If a specific machine is not required, but the student needs to make a computer rental or purchase to complete coursework, the student must confirm the rental or purchase, and the COA will be increased with a $500 computer allowance. 
    • Students should provide any program-specific details on the technology needed to support the purchase (website, syllabus, etc). 
    • If the required machine and software needed for educational purposes cost more than $500, the student must provide documentation of the cost. 
  • Computer purchase allowances will be considered twice during a student's degree time period at Illinois Tech.
  • Email a request to adjust a student’s COA for a computer or software purchase and attach all proper documentation mentioned above to