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Global Alumni Gathering

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8:00-9:30 P.M. CT

Led by George Mui (CS ’76, M.S. ’80) and organized by the International Committee of the Illinois Tech Alumni Association Board of Directors, the goal of this virtual gathering is to bring our global alumni network together. Our virtual gathering is open to all alumni and students. It will feature updates from Illinois Tech leadership, regional International Chapters, and some fun programming.

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Following updates from some of our global alumni, attendees will be invited to join a variety of breakout sessions, including:

  • Career Services support for global alumni
  • Entrepreneurship for global alumni
  • Regional alumni discussions
  • And more!

Alumni Panel Breakout Session

This interactive alumni session, moderated by Samantha Deleon, associate director of international enrollment, is an opportunity for you to hear from international Illinois Tech graduates and hear how their stories have led them to successful careers after graduating from the university. From Brazil to India, you'll hear from our graduates and how their experience at Illinois Tech has shaped where they are today.

The panelists:

  • Paulo Kodaira (MSE ’19)
  • Isma Mehraj (M.S. CE ’20)

We’ll allow time for questions and answers so join our session to hear about what your future holds at Illinois Tech.

Illinois Tech Career Services Breakout Session

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Illinois Tech Career Services shifted much of its services and resources to a virtual environment. In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Thy Nguyen, associate vice provost for Career Services, about how the department is engaging students and alumni on a global basis through virtual career fairs, AI technology, interactive dashboards, and other new technologies. See first-hand demos of these platforms and learn more about how Illinois Tech Career Services support alumni on a global scale. 

For example:

  • uConnect career outcomes dashboards
  • VMock
  • InternX Virtual Career Fair Platform

Entrepreneurship Breakout Session

This breakout session, moderated by Akshar Patel (CE ’13), director of corporate innovation and adjunct professor (IPRO), will feature Illinois Tech alumni (and students) from around the globe who have learned the entrepreneurial mindset and have used it to launch their ventures. This will be a networking opportunity for anyone interested in discussing the hustle and day-to-day grind of an entrepreneur.

The panelists:

  • Yared Akalou (MDS '06) of Alcove Group
  • Irewole Akande (ENGMT '17) of City Health Tech
  • Lizzy Engele of MakeGirl
  • Lucy Lu (LLM '04) of aiLegal
  • Linxin Wen (MPA '16) of Chowbus

Be prepared to learn some tips/tricks from one another on what it takes to create a successful business!

Regional Alumni Networking

The purpose of the regional networking session forums are to facilitate collaboration and networking among alumni in each region. A country representative will share past activities and their future plan with interested participants, focusing on how to engage alumni in their network. Participants will also have the opportunity to chat with each other privately or with the whole group. We also encourage current or future international students and graduates who decided to stay in the US to participate. 

East Asia (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan)
Moderator:  Michael Y. Choi (M.S. CS ’89, Ph.D. ’98)
Adj. Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
Illinois Institute of Technology 

South Asia (India, Pakistan)
Moderator:  Raj Rajaram (LAW '91)

ASEAN (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines)
Moderator:  Ann Trandai (EE ‘89, M.S. ’93)
Trandai Realty

Contiguous United States (US, Canada, Mexico)
Moderator:  Bruce Meier (MATH '76) 

International Committee & Regional Alumni Networking (Rest of the World - outside of East Asia, South Asia, ASEAN, and USA)

The purpose of this breakout session is to engage all Global Alumni who are interested in engaging the international committee and also to provide a gathering/networking session for Alumni for the smaller Alumni chapters around the world.

Moderator:  George Mui (CS ’76, M.S. ’80)
International Committee Chair