The advisory board to the Department of Industrial Technology and Management represents the interests and priorities of multiple industries, in particular those involving manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, facilities management, and sustainability. The board meets three times per year to discuss issues impacting industry and the means required to facilitate productive operations, including a skilled workforce, educational competencies, customized training and education programs, applied technologies, jobs and internships, and more.

The INTM Advisory Board

Ira Alport, president, National Power Company

Joseph Arvin, president and CEO, Arvin Global Solutions, LLC

Bob Best, executive vice president, Jones Lang LaSalle

Nathan Blair, supply chain manager, Kautex Textron

John Donahue, executive director, Powering Chicago

Rich Gendon, managing director, Center for Professional Management

Ken Heller, chief transportation officer, DSC Logistics

Rick Jamerson, president, Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractor

Pam McDonough, president and CEO, Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing

Bert Miller, president, Phoenix Closures Inc.

Bob Shaunnessey, vice president, Partners Warehouse

George Wendt, president, Wendt Family Office, Wendt Consulting

John Winzeler, president, Winzeler Gear