Bill Inmon, the Father of the Data Warehouse, Speaks to Illinois Tech’s ITMD 526 Data Warehousing class


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Bill Inmon, author of 57 books and the Father of the Data Warehousing, spoke via Skype to Illinois Tech students in William Slater III’s ITMD Data Warehousing class on Wednesday, June 29. Several alumni, faculty and staff also viewed the presentation on “Data Lakes and Integration and Using Unstructured Data with the Modern Enterprise Data Warehouse.”

ITMD 526 - Data Warehousing class introduces students to concepts needed for successfully designing, building and implementing a data warehouse. The class provides the technological and managerial knowledge base for data modeling approaches such as the star schema and database de-normalization issues. Topics such as loading the warehouse, performance considerations, and other concepts unique to the data warehouse environment will be discussed demonstrated in detail.

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