The first annual ITM Student Innovation & Prototype Competition - a BIG success


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Illinois Tech students were challenged to create an innovative solution and prototype to solve an everyday problem utilizing technology. The ITM Student Innovation & Prototype Competition provided an opportunity for students to identify a local or global issue, create an innovative solution and demonstrate how their solution will help solve that particular issue.

The competition was designed by Bob Carlson, Dean of the School of Applied Technology, to give students an opportunity to showcase their innovation skills and entrepreneurial spirit. It was open to all IIT students and included 12 teams consisting of 1-5 students and was held Friday, April 29, 2016 from 2-4 pm at the IDEA SHOP. Poster sessions allowed students to explain and pitch their ideas to the audience and judges.

Congratulations to our 3 winning teams:

  • Group 1 winner – Quijote - Mobile application for fast event creation in university communities
  • Group 2 winner – SaviorS - a platform for people who require blood during crises and challenging situations of life
  • Group 3 winner - Quest Star – Edible Spoons
  • Click here for a list of teams and participants

To Dean Bob Carlson, Ph.D. for his vision of bringing to life the first ever ITM Student Innovation & Prototype Competition! Amber Chatallier and Angela Jarka for planning and coordinating the event. To the IDEA Shop & all of their staff for generously allowing us the use of their space for this event. To students who participated in this competition, thank you for sharing your prototype proposals! To students, faculty, staff and other guests attending!

And a very special thank you to our judges…
Adarsh Arora, Andrew Durlak, Ryan Nelson, Carolyn Nivling, Donna Rockin and Nik Rokop

Group 1 Teams


Project Title
RFID Access and Attendance System

Project Description
Our product is RFID check in system, with additional features such as: open/close the door with different options (various factors authentication) and making real-time spreadsheet (with students which attend the class/workers on the job/ researchers in the laboratory, and so on).

Team Member(s)
Bruno Augusto Pereira Pinto
Joao Antonio Figueredo Calmon
Vladimir Zivkovic


Project Title
Mobile application for fast event creation in university communities

Project Description
This application would allow students of a certain university to quickly create and join events or plans in the community, allowing them to easily find people with the same interests, strengthening the interaction between students and the university, centralizing all the plans posted in different social networks or university webpage and favoring the notifications.

Team Member(s)
Alejandro Nicolas Llor
Lazaro Sanchez Campos
Manuel Martinez Arizmendi

Team Senst

Project Title
Weather Express

Project Description
Weather Express is a cheap, and easy to use weather monitor that can be setup by anyone looking to find a more accurate atmospheric monitor. Weather Express allows users to gather information and data about their local weather for either instant readings on what to wear, or to track weather patterns on a larger scale.

Team Member
Braden Senst

Tech Blue Moon

Project Title

Project Description
This product helps in syncing with Google calendar to a mobile app, which helps buzzing (user can set this) a day or 2 days before the event. This app mainly focuses on the assignments scheduled for the student of IIT, by means of which students won’t miss their submission deadline.

Team Member(s)
Dinesh Ganesan
Vivek Elankumaran
Thamizharasan Babu
Vignesh Thirugnanam
Pradeep Raja Mohan

Group 2 Teams

Red Lanterns

Project Title

Project Description
Colorimeter that gives RGB and hex values to the user.

Team Member(s)
John Moore
Cesar Escoto


Project Title

Project Description
Our Application Saviour is a platform for people who require blood during crises and challenging situations of life. It allows both donors and acceptors to have a common platform which allows them to donate and accept blood and also get in contact with each other.

Team Member(s)
Sarang Salunke
Rohan Shirke
Ganesh Kapaleshwari
Prashant Patil


Project Title

Project Description
This project is aiming at implementing an Android based management tool for marking up unstructured text into formatted text. The product is mainly to handle unformatted/unstructured text (voice convert into unformatted text). If my product could use blackboard online videos, user can edit unformatted text of online videos to become user own formatted text so that user can understand class content better without watching videos.

Team Member
Huixia (Maggie) Wang


Project Title
Non-Invasive Solar Applications

Project Description
There are two products, one is a gutter mounted sun-tracking solar panel, and the other is a laminated sheet of solar cells affixed to a vehicle for the purposes of improving fuel economy. Both products include a lithium polymer battery pack with high discharge capabilities that will insure continuous power to appliances through switching to the grid when the battery is fully discharged.

Team Member(s)
Tyler Sauter
Manish Suthar

Group 3 Teams

Project M

Project Title
Social Value API

Project Description
Social value aggregator for social networks

Team Member
Sola Oni

Quest Star

Project Title
Edible spoons

Project Description
This product that I’m going to present are the edible spoons which can be either consumed by us after using it or we can dispose it as they are biodegradable they will decompose easily. We can design the product in different flavors of our choice. We use large number of plastic spoons everywhere which in turn only few goes for recycling, others are dumped into the soil or disposed in the ocean resulting in the huge damage of our environment. We should definitely reduce this to provide a better world to our future generation. Already ideas of edible spoons are there but they are costlier so I wanted to make it cheap by using the ingredients like millet’s, corn etc. And also wanted to extend from spoon to other cutlery items, plates etc.

Team Member(s)
Rakini Murugesan

NG911-Indoor Location

Project Title
Dispatchable Indoor Location for Wireless Providers

Project Description
Using WiFi and Bluetooth to discover the location of a 911 caller inside a building.

Team Member(s)
Neilabh Okhandiar
Clement Causse
Alberto Gonzalez
Bharat Ramaswamy Nandakumar

Nouveau Riche

Project Title
Automated Gas detector

Project Description
Our project is an emergency detector of hazard gas. So the main purpose of our project is to detect natural gas leakage location in a building. This product can address precautionary safety needs in building like schools, offices and homes. Our unique value proposition is that our detector will automatically send a text message to the emergency department in case of a detected gas leakage. Our target customer are any building that makes use of natural gas for power purposes.

Team Member(s)
Joris Ekpangbo
Temilolu Olaniyan
Nirantar Jyot Singh
Syed Umair Hasnain
Louis-Adrien Philias