Illinois Tech, DMG MORI, and others Showcase High-Tech Manufacturing at International Manufacturing Technology Show


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Thousands of students ages 8-25+ and educators from the entire midwestern U.S. attended the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) to learn about the industry. The show included a Student Summit where Illinois Tech joined several other universities, community colleges, training programs, and companies exhibited their services, products, and pathways to careers. In Illinois Tech’s booth, students had a chance to make their own buttons, with equipment, supplies, and staff from the Exploration Space in Paul V. Galvin Library. They also watched School of Applied Technology’s Professor Jeremy Hajek and his students do live demonstrations of two projects; Using Augmented Reality to Turn 2D Machine Modeling into Immersive 3D Holograms, and their Autonomous Charging Framework for Drones.

In the commercial area of the show, executives from DMG MORI gave Illinois Tech School of Applied Technology students and faculty a tour of their booth which was one of the largest at the show. They explained the skills that their employees need to work with the type of high-tech machinery that makes DMG MORI a leader in advanced manufacturing. DMG MORI executives also visited Illinois Tech’s booth to see Professor Hajek’s augmented reality demonstration, and invited him and Industrial Technology and Management student, Baker Gregory, to show the project to Mr. James Nudo, President, DMG MORI USA.

Representatives of other companies stopped by the Illinois Tech booth to see the project demonstrations as well. MSC Industrial Supply made a video: “Colleges, Companies Join Forces to Appeal to Next-Gen Metalworkers” featuring Hajek and Gregory talking about how Illinois Tech and the School of Applied Technology support student research and innovation. See the video here: