Illinois Tech Real-Time Communications Students Present to Industry Professionals


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Illinois Tech students recently presented, demonstrated and conducted poster sessions about their Real-Time Communications projects. The projects are part of the real-life hands-on applied learning in the Telecommunications Over Data Networks (ITMO 546) course offered by Carol Davids, Adjunct Industry Professor of Information Technology and Management at Illinois Tech. The projects are developed in the Illinois Tech Real-Time Communications Lab which provides a unique venue in which industry and academia connect and collaborate. The lab is an educational facility dedicated to teaching, research and development activities that further the advancement of networked communications. Numerous Industry professionals were on hand to watch and provide feedback to the student presenters.

Presentations Include:

  • Real Time Communications Lab Projects and Activities: Director Carol Davids providee an overview of the Indoor Location Project and the new projects that began as part of this project and now have an independent existence.
  • Voice over Illinois Tech (VoIIT): Students built an IP-based communications system enabling students, staff and faculty to establish voice and video conversations with each other and to make local calls to and from the public phone networks. Thanks to Telnyx for donating a SIP Trunk to enable this last function! The students have also linked Voice Over Illinois Tech (VoIIT) with the RTC Lab's Next Generation 911 platform allowing calls for emergency services to flow to the Lab's own Public Safety Answering Point.
  • RTC Connected Labs Project: The Illinois Tech RTC Lab occupies sites at the Rice Campus in Wheaton and in the Research Tower on the Illinois Tech Mies Campus. Testing activities and course work are scheduled on both sites. The team has created VoIP solution to keep the two sites in constant communications. They explained the architecture and functions it provides and will show you the Rice Campus lab using their Connected Labs setup.
  • BOSSA Platform: BOSSA stands for BlueTooth and Sensor Array. This multi-faceted on-going project provides the indoor location of a person who calls for Next Generation 911 services using a smart phone inside a tall building. The source of the indoor location is an array of BlueTooth Low Energy beacons. This semester the team showed and described:

- The new architecture includes sensors that report temperature and humidity and gateways that enable the array to consume less power than earlier versions. The new deployment provides support for building engineers who want to monitor and control environmental factors as well as first responders who need to locate emergency callers.

- Indoor floor maps that show the location of a single caller or of a larger set of callers in the case of a fire or other emergency situation that affects many building occupants.

- Graphical displays of the results of various location-determining algorithms. With some algorithms the calculated location differs from the actual location by only 5 meters.

- Development of smartphone and web applications to support the operation of the service, the building engineers and emergency callers.

- A business plan to bring a system such as this one to market.

Telecommunications Over Data Networks (ITMO 546) course covers a suite of application protocols known as Voice over IP (VoIP). It describes important protocols within that suite including RTP, SDP, MGCP and SIP and the architecture of various VoIP installations including on-net to on-net to PSATN and inter-domain scenarios. The functions of the Network Elements that play significant roles in this architecture will be defined. Examples of network elements that are currently available as products will be examined.

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