ITM Students and Faculty have papers and posters accepted at SIGITE/RIIT 2017


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Congratulations to Illinois Tech School of Applied Technology students and faculty who had papers and posters accepted to SIGITE/RITM 2017 at Rochester, New York. Below is the list of accepted submissions.

Paper: Identifying Grey Sheep Users By Distribution of User Similarities In Collaborative Filtering
Authors: Yong Zheng (ITM); Senior Lecturer, Mili Singh (ITM), Mayur Agnani (ITM)

Paper: The Extension and Implementation of the Autonomous Movement Framework
Authors: Théo Rivière (ITM), Héctor Gutiérrez Ayala (ITM), Jeremy Hajek (ITM); Industry Associate Professor.

Poster: Internet of Things BLE Security
Authors: Tom Chiu (ITM), David Calero Luis (ITM), Vinesh Jethva (ITM), William Lidinsky (ITM); Industry Professor.

Poster: Climate Change: Relationships to CO2 Emission and Locations
Authors: Mandar Kadam (ITM), Nisha Kanoo (ITM), Yong Zheng (ITM); Senior Lecturer.

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