Jeremy Hajek speaks at Nokia’s Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Conference


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Jeremy Hajek, Industry Associate Professor of Information Technology and Management, appeared as a guest speaker at the Nokia Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Conference held on May 23rd and 24th, 2017.

Professor Hajek’s presentation discussed Augmented Reality. He explained how in computing evolution and design, there is the drive to create natural interfaces: from teletypes to CRTs, and light pens to mice and keyboards. We already understand these pioneering systems, which have served their purpose. Now, we begin a new phase of computing, neither tied to these devices or even to a location. Using individual's voices and Augmented Reality (AR) based Holograms as opposed to Virtual Reality (VR) in favor of a mixed reality, will be the future growth for all computing.

Nokia was celebrating HFE’s 70th Anniversary at Bell Labs, the home of the creative technologists who pioneered this inter-disciplinary field. They are also encouraging community renewed efforts to shape innovations, enabling human potential technology in today’s connected world.

This year Nokia's agenda features guest speakers from AT&T and Verizon, practitioners from diverse industries such as NASA, IBM, Information Builders, The MathWorks and Lab Z, experts from MIT and IIT, as well as Bell Labs and Nokia flagship and award-winning innovations.

Jeremy Hajek is an Industry Associate Professor in the School of Applied Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. He was recently appointed Director of the newly built Smart Tech and Embedded Systems Laboratory ( His area of research is on voice-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants, Augmented Reality, Hologram based mixed-reality, Cloud Native Applications and Network Operations.

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