Kathiravan Krishnamurthy Featured in Food Technology Magazine



By Andrew Wyder

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Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, a clinical assistant professor of food science and nutrition at Illinois Institute of Technology, has volunteered his time with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) for much of the last two decades.

It has been a fruitful relationship for each side, he says.

“The volunteer experiences not only help me in giving back to the community but also help in forging lifelong professional relationships and opening doors for additional opportunities,” Krishnamurthy says in the December 2019 issue of Food Technology magazine. “I specifically cherish the opportunity to serve the Nonthermal Processing Division in various capacities over the decade. These opportunities helped me grow professionally, develop professional relationships, and hone my leadership skills.”

An IFT member since 2001, Krishnamurthy was featured in Food Technology in an article highlighting “one of IFT's valued volunteers.” He has served in a variety of roles for IFT, including as an instructor for the certified food scientist preparatory course, as a member/chair of IFT's Achievement Award juries, and as a reviewer for IFT symposium proposals and technical abstracts, among other roles.

“I truly enjoy the opportunity to work with dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer colleagues and IFT staff,” he says in the article.

In addition to his role as an assistant professor at Illinois Tech, Krishnamurthy is also a researcher at the Institute for Food Safety and Health. His expertise lies in nonthermal food processes, pulsed light processing, and modeling and simulation.