Study Abroad for Engineers in Paris


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For all ECE sophomores and 1st year juniors:

Here is a great opportunity to study in France, IN ENGLISH, at one of IIT's partner schools, ENSEA, FranceYou will be able to register for as many as 18 credit hoursNo French language requiredFrench Language and Culture course will be included that will transfer to a HUM electiveYou can get credits transferred at a much lower costandEnjoy a wonderful experience in France along with the possibility of travelling around Europe
The program is a Spring semester program and comprises courses that have been pre-approved by ECE and the Undergraduate Academic Affairs. The cost for the semester is 3500 Euros per student roughly about 4200 USD. If there are 3 or more students from IIT, the cost will be reduced to 3000 Euros per student. The application deadline is October 15, 2018. If interested, please take a look at the ENSEA website:http://www-fame.ensea.frAnd register for Study Abroad at IIT. Selection for and admission to the program requires, registering for Study abroad at IIT, and receiving approval from your academic adviser and the Study Abroad office. Should you have questions, about IIT Study Abroad, contact Ms. Kerianne Mahoney ( with copy to Prof. Marc from ENSEA ( Prof. Marc will be presenting the program at IIT during the last week of August with 2 IIT students who participated in this program this past Spring 2018. Dates and times will be announced.