Using the “Okta Verify” Mobile App

Okta Verify is a mobile application used in connection with Access Illinois Tech’s multifactor authentication (MFA) login process. While users can choose from several authentication (a.k.a. verification) methods for the login process, the Okta Verify app is one of the easiest and most secure options. Below we will show you the steps you need to take to log into your Access Illinois Tech account using mobile authentication with Okta Verify.

Using Okta Verify for Multifactor Authentication

After you have enabled Okta Verify, when you sign into, you will receive a prompt to send a push notification to your phone.

Okta Send Push

After clicking Send Push, a notification should appear on your phone. From the “Did you just try to sign in?” notification, you will have the option to select Yes, It’s Me or No, It’s Not Me.

Example of a notification on an iPhone lock screen:

iPhone lock screen

Example of push notification when you unlock your phone to view it:

Example of push notification

After selecting Yes, It's Me on your phone, you will be logged into Access Illinois Tech on your computer or other device.


You Did Not Receive a Push Notification

Push notifications are small, pop-up messages sent to your cell phone (or other device, like a tablet) home screen. If the Okta Verify push notification does not appear or if you do not have WiFi/cellular service, you can go back to your Access Illinois Tech login screen and select the Enter a code option and manually enter the 6-digit code from the Okta Verify app.

If Okta Verify push notifications are not appearing when you do have WiFi/cellular service, check your phone's notification settings to ensure the app has permission to send you push notifications.

More troubleshooting tips for the Okta Verify app can be found here on Okta's website.

You Did Not Get the Okta Verify Prompt

If you did not set up Okta Verify as one of your multifactor authentication options, you will need to do that after logging into Access Illinois Tech via another MFA option. See detailed set-up instructions under the Okta Verify section of the Activating Your Access Illinois Tech Account web page.

If you know you already set up Okta Verify, but you do not get an Okta Verify prompt, please keep in mind that if you have set up more than one MFA option for your account; by default, the system will prompt you to use the option you most recently configured.

Changing MFA Options

You can change this default on the Access Illinois Tech login page so that you will always be asked to authenticate with Okta Verify (or another MFA option of your choice). Click the small down arrow to the right of the logo on the MFA screen, and select your preferred method of identity authentication.

For more information, please see the Adding and Changing MFA Options web page.

You Receive Unexpected Sign-in Verification Notifications

If you receive a notification on your phone unexpectedly, when you are not trying to log in, your account may have been compromised. Click No, It's Not Me to cancel the sign-in attempt, and reset your university password as soon as possible. If you accidentally click Yes, It’s Me to an unauthorized login attempt, please report the instance to the OTS Support Desk on Mies Campus (, 312-567-3375, on campus x7DESK) or the ITS Help Desk at Conviser Law Center (, 312.906.5300, on campus x65300), and reset your university password as soon as possible.

If you accidentally click No, It's Not Me when you meant to verify your own login, your sign-in attempt will be blocked for that instance, but you can sign in again and validate with Okta Verify.