Has Politics Enveloped the Supreme Court and the U.S. Judicial System?


Episode 18

The members of the Supreme Court of the United States first assembled in New York City’s Merchants Exchange Building in 1790 and in 1869 the court’s present total of nine judges was established. Amid recent accusations of being too political, too partisan, or too polarized,the Supreme Court is facing as much scrutiny, if not more, than ever before. The courts are now being utilized as a political resource, with politicians focused on stacking the federal circuit, district, and appeals courts with judges that see the law from their perspective. In a country that is sharply divided along political and ideological lines, this brings into question the neutrality of the court, raising doubts that even the Supreme Court is no longer immune. 

Joining Curiosity Unplugged are Professor of Law Christopher Schmidt and Professor of Law Nancy Marder.