Unintentional Neo-Colonialism: How Can America Aid Developing Countries Without Conveying a Sense of Superiority?


Episode 2

On today’s show: Unintentional Neo-Colonialism—How Can America Aid Developing Countries Without Conveying a Sense of Superiority? A new Atlantic hurricane season will soon be underway and islands such as Puerto Rico are still recovering from a devastating 2017 year in weather. Western universities and humanitarian-aid organizations have traditionally lent expertise and provided funding to storm-battered nations as well as to developing countries that could benefit from socioeconomic development, energy overhauls, or sustainable enterprise. How can we help the world advance without imposing a sense of neo-colonialism?

Joining Curiosity Unplugged today is Weslynne Ashton, associate professor of environmental management and sustainability at Illinois Tech’s Stuart School of Business, and  Frank Flury, associate professor at the College of Architecture and director of the Bachelor of Architecture Program.