How Does the U.S. Move Confidently Toward Driverless Cities?


Episode 5

How do we move toward driverless cities in the nation that popularized the automobile? The Ford Model T, known widely as the first affordable automobile, hit the road in 1908. Since then it’s been a race to make bigger, better, flashier vehicles with amenities that would’ve been unfathomable to the automobile’s creator. But what happens when the automobile, arguably one of the greatest creations of the twentieth century, becomes obsolete? City planners, architects, and designers are working toward a future where cars are no longer a necessity.

Joining Curiosity Unplugged is Hank Perritt, professor of law and former dean at Illinois Tech’s Chicago-Kent College of Law; Boris Pervan, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Illinois Tech’s Armour College of Engineering; and Nilay Mistry, adjunct professor at Illinois Tech’s College of Architecture.